Way Points

From North to Abu Tig Marina

WPT. 01 N. 27º.48.85 E. 33º.43.10
WPT. 02 N. 27º.40.70 E. 33º.45.70
WPT. 03 N. 27º.35.90 E. 33º.42.85
WPT. 04 N. 27º.35.20 E. 33º.42.40
WPT. 05 N. 27º.30.00 E. 33º.41.87
WPT. 06 N. 27º.26.20 E. 33º.43.20
WPT. 07 N. 27º.24.61 E. 33º.40.94
Abu Tig Marina:
Midpoint of Channel Entrance

From South to Abu Tig Marina

WPT. 10 N. 27º.16.90 E. 33º.52.00
WPT. 09 N. 27º.21.20 E. 33º.48.20
WPT. 08 N. 27º.25.60 E. 33º.43.85
WTP. 07 N. 27º.24.61 E. 33º.40.94
Abu Tig Marina:
Midpoint of Channel Entrance
VHF Channel: 73

Marina Entrance Channel

The marina has an entrance channel which has been dredged (-3.6m depth) through the reef flat, the channel is approximately 400m in length and 40m wide at the most narrow point which is to the seaward end. There are four pairs of Lateral Buoys / Beacons with lights marking the channel, when entering the marina pass Red to Port (left) and Green to Starboard (right). From the seaward end of the channel, the first set are fixed beacons on metal structures placed on the reef edge (Lights = flashing: 1 flash every 2 secs, flash length 0.8 secs), then the next two pairs are floating buoys (Lights = fixed) and the last two are are fixed beacons on structures each side of the marina entrance (Lights = fixed).

Notes / Corrections

1.0 The waypoints and buoys/lights marked on the 1999 edition of Admiralty Chart 2375 (not marked on any edition of Chart 8) and listed in the Red Sea Pilot / corrections, were for the old marina ‘Abydos’. For example, the symbol for yacht marina is placed on the land in the area of the old marina, being approximately 2 NM to the south of the new marina ‘Abu Tig’. To enter ‘Abu Tig Marina’ it is not necessary to enter behind the reef Shaa’ab Abu Shar and the coastal fringing reef.

1.1 Buoy Removed: (As marked on Admiralty Chart 2375) BUOY (No.2) Flashing Red N 27°24′.600 E 033°41′.400 – HAS BEEN REMOVED (NO LONGER EXISTS).

1.2 Buoy Removed (2): buoy on the South East corner of Sha’ab Esh: 27°26′.42 N / 033°42′.44 E – HAS BEEN REMOVED (NO LONGER EXISTS).
1.3 Buoy Removed (3): large Orange Buoy marking the narrow passage through Sha’ab Tawila and Sha’ab Abu Shiban: 27°29′.91 N / 033°46′.64 E – HAS BEEN REMOVED (NO LONGER EXISTS). You can still pass due South of this position and just North of the reef Sha’ab Abu Shiban, there is currently a marker / post marking the Northern tip of this reef (not recommended for night passage).

1.4 2001 editions of Admiralty Chart 2375, have the corrections as mentioned in 1.0 & 1.1.