About Orascom Marine Management

Orascom Marine Management (OMM) has been working together with Orascom Development Holding AG and over the past 15 years have completed several successful marina related projects to date. Given the added value of directly linking Real Estate and Hotel Developments to marina projects, we generally work on each project with a turnkey approach and like to be involved with all aspects of a project developments from the Initial Design, through Construction and eventual management of the facility.

OMM is currently managing the following marinas; Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Taba Heights Marina, Sinai.. Abu Tig Marina was recently expanded with the completion on a new larger North Basin in order to accommodate the expanding yacht industry in Egypt. OMM will also manage Jebel Sifah Marina and Salalah Beach Marina both in Oman.

New projects under development in our portfolio currently include: Chbika Marina in Morocco, Lustica Bay, Montenegro and Par Docks, Cornwall, UK

Given OMM’s track record and experience In this field we offer Consultancy Services to other interested parties and projects.

Managing Director of OMM is Mr. Philip A Jones, and our Team are based in our offices in the new North basin of Abu Tig Marina in El Gouna.